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Core Values

 It  is an honor serving you. It is one of the highest honors to be trusted with helping to meet a person's legal needs or helping solve a person's legal problems. Knowing this, we serve you, we work from a position of respect for you, and we treat you as we would want to be treated.

De-mystifying the law. The law is merely the formalized reflection of common sense. Our job is to take the mystery out of the law to help you understand the law as applied to your issues and to present you with the best solutions possible.

Communication. Communication is what builds and maintains the client-lawyer relationship. We strive to communicate with you on the progress of your matter so that you do not have to initiate the contact with your lawyer simply to figure out where the matter stands.

Knowledge is power.  There is no replacement for knowledge. Knowledge comes in many forms: knowledge of the law, knowledge of the industries we serve, and knowledge of the lay of the land in Wyoming. In addition, we seek (at no cost to you) to keep you informed about development that could impact your industry and you.

The lawyer's craft. We believe that writing is the most valuable skill of a lawyer. The written word is the most frequent mode of expression in the law, and as a result, the writer's skill can make the biggest difference. Our work product achieves excellence and the level of our work product---including successful briefing before the United States Supreme Court---reflects this commitment. We bring this same level of commitment to all that we do and apply best practices the functions we perform.

Keeping costs downOur billing structure reflects an attention to keeping overhead costs down so that clients are not paying for costs they really don't need. We review the draft of billing statements with you at the end of the month as a method of ensuring that bills serve your ends, not the lawyer's ends.