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Oil And Gas Law

Oil and Gas Law. There is very little that Drake Hill has not been involved in relating to oil and gas exploration, production, transactional and negotiations, transportation, and refining. Mr. Hill frequently handles surface owner disputes and title disputes. Mr. Hill taught oil and gas at the University of Wyoming Law School along with some of his longtime colleagues in the industry and teaches for the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Oil and Gas Short Course. Mr. Hill has worked with the Wyoming Legislature on legislation affecting the industry, including the Wyoming Split Estate Act, and is an active participant in industry trade organizations. The Hill Law Firm hosts and moderates "The Wyoming  Advisory,"  a quarterly conference call updating the industry on emerging issues. The purpose of this call is to enable participants, at no cost, to keep abreast of issues in the industry and anticipate what may be coming in today's challenging environment. Mr. Hill has published several articles in the area of oil and gas law in the Wyoming Law Review including "Wyoming's Powder River Basin: A Study In Federal Royalty Valuation,"  4 Wyo. L. Rev. 629 (2004) and "The Split Estates: Communication and Education Versus Legislation," 4 Wyo. L Rev. 585 (2004).